Gold IRA Rollovers: Bill, Jeff & What You Need to Know Before Investing

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I’ve never been a big fan of the dollar bill. Don’t get me wrong, I have the utmost respect for George Washington as one of the founders, war hero, and first president of our great, God-fearing country. However, the fact that my printer paper I’m going to use to print this article is thicker than a $1, $5, $10, $20 & even a $100 bill is a little unsettling to say the least.

If you look at history, Gold and other precious metals have been the standard that all currency is based off of (in most civilizations, physical gold and silver were actually used as legitimate currency). So, the question is this, why would you trust the United States government instead of looking at the facts?

Every government that has ever come off of the gold standard has at some point or another experienced massive inflation, a serious decline in the real value of a dollar, and has bordered (if not crossed the border) of economic collapse.

But I digress…back to the story…

So, let’s take a look at two friends, Bill (his nickname is “dollar Bill” by the way) and Jeff. Bill is 49 years old, and has worked as an executive at the same company new york jet club for the last 14 years. Before this, Bill had other investment funds (401k, etc.) that he brought over from a previous job where he worked for 10 years.

Bill is by every measure of society a successful man; he has a six-figure salary, 4 weeks of vacation each year, serves as a member of the city council in his small hometown just outside of Houston, TX., and is even a deacon at his local church, where he has been a member for over 25 years. Most important (with regards to this story), is that he currently has over $300,000 in his IRA, along with other investments spread out across multiple platforms.

Sounds great right? Along with Bill’s other assets and investments, as well as his pension he is planning on getting when he retires in 10 years see eldad lieberman bio, it looks as if retirement is in sight, and he and his wife Mary are going to enjoy their golden years with each other.

In the back of his mind however, Bill does not fully trust the economy, his financial advisor (who happens to be a good friend), or anything going on in this new economy. He is just now recovering from the recession of 2008, and while the economy shows some signs of life, there is still plenty of trepidation.

However, like most of us, Bill is a busy man and sets his worries aside. He works hard, and his investments actually gain a little traction over the next 3- 4 months. However, Bill is about to get a harsh reality check (something you can prevent be requesting your free Gold IRA Rollover Kit in the box to your right…ok shameless self-promotion finished).

One morning, Bill wakes up to hear the news that the stock market has taken a plunge.

He thinks “ok, this has happened before, no reason to panic. I’m sure things will turn around soon.”

He gives his buddy the financial advisor a call, and his friend gives Bill this “reassuring” message. “Bill, you know the stock market goes up and down, these things happen. Just ride it out and you will be fine.” Bill hangs up the phone, and while he feels a little better, he still feels the weight of an uncertain financial future on his shoulders.

Fast-forward 3 weeks…

The stock market has tanked even more, and Bill’s investments’ (including his IRA that he thought about rolling over into Gold and Silver) is really suffering. He sees how much it is now worth, and has to go to bathroom to wipe the sweat off of his neck. He thinks to himself “it’s happening, I’m in the middle of it right now, why didn’t I follow my gut and do something different?”

I won’t go on with the rest of the story, because if you are in a situation similar to Bill’s chances are you may be sweating now too, thinking of what could become of Bill. However, I will introduce you to Bill’s good friend Jeff, and tell you a little bit about his story.

Why You Should Have a Gold Backed IRA

Meet Jeff and his Gold Backed IRA

Jeff is in a similar situation to Bill in many ways. Jeff is 53 years old, has a wife, 2 kids in college, a house rent  (that drain his bank account), and is in the same boat as Bill with regards to salary, occupation, standing within his community and so on.

However, there is one BIG difference between Bill and Jeff; Jeff has a healthy portion of his life savings in a Gold IRA account. You see, while Bill made excuses for why not to rollover his IRA into a physical gold IRA, Jeff saw the writing on the wall, listened to the right people (hint not the U.S. government) and put his money into a real asset not something that can be printed on demand.

How to be like Jeff and roll your money into a self-directed, gold backed IRA

A self-directed IRA is not unlike other types of IRAs (such as the traditional SEP and simple IRAs that are offered by many companies to their employees). Just like the more traditional types of IRAs that you are probably already somewhat familiar with, a self-directed IRA is regulated by the IRS, as well as the custodian that you choose to oversee and protect the assets in your account.

However, there is one BIG difference between traditional IRAs and a self-directed IRA…in a self-directed IRA account, you can choose specifically what types of investments you want to participate in besides just the “stock market” or “mutual funds.”

In fact, with this special type of IRA account, you can choose to allocate your assets into other areas of interest such as real estate, venture capital/angel investing, and most important of all, precious metals (including gold, silver and platinum!)

A little more about the benefits of a Gold IRA rollover

I hope you see by now the incredible opportunity that you have right in front of you in the form of a self-directed IRA, with some of your assets allocated toward protecting your wealth and retirement plans with gold.

Investing in physical gold (which can never be tarnished and will always be in high demand) is easy with a gold IRA account. With your self-directed IRA, you will be able to contact the custodian overseeing your IRA, and simply tell them how much money you want to allocate into precious metals, and even pick the specific type of metal you want to invest in.

While gold values change daily, over the long-haul no other asset has increased in value and outpaced inflation like Gold. In fact, gold and silver are the ultimate hedges against inflation, and if you think we are not on the verge of massive inflation and the decline in value of the dollar, then wake up and smell the roses for God’s sake…it is obvious!

Why do you think countries like China & India are stockpiling gold like crazy? Because they know that is where the future is, and our government is way late to the party.

You can’t afford to wait until it’s too late…

Let’s say gold was at $1,200 an ounce when Jeff decided to rollover is IRA into a physical, gold-backed IRA account. When massive inflation hits and the dollar loses most of its value, the people holding gold are going to be the winners…it is really just simple supply and demand.

There is only a finite supply of gold on earth, and it has been regarded as the currency of Kings for thousands of years. So, when gold soars to $4,000+ per ounce like many reputable economists have predicted, where do you want to be?

I know I know, I’m not the first one to tell you this. However, you really can’t afford to wait another day to get the ball rolling on this, and I encourage you to find out more information.

In fact, for anyone that MIGHT have even the slightest interest in procuring their wealth with gold and other precious metals, I encourage you to click on the picture below, or click right here to request your 100% free investors kit.

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Our gold IRA rollover kit will also show you the types of gold and other precious metals you can put into your IRA, and was designed to help those who see the writing on the wall (The U.S. national deficit, the economy tanking, and the declining value of the dollar).

Don’t end up like good ole “dollar Bill.” Take control of your financial future, and put your money into a real asset that has been proven reliable, steady, and financially secure throughout history. Get started on the path to protecting and growing your money with precious metals today!

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